List of Frequently Asked Questions about QIUB Power Bank, Cable and Memory reader:

1)What is QIUB?

QIUB is compact and lightweight fast charging power bank for smart phone with additional features.

It is world’s first power bank for smartphones with integrated data/charge cable and memory card reader that works with your windows computer – all you need in one simple device. 

QUB is cool looking, compact device that will replace several other accessories (power bank, cable and memory stick)

There are 2 types of QIUBs – one for iPhone and the other is for Android, easily distinguished with different colours.

QIUB for Iphone has green cable and on/off button and QIUB for Android’s cable and on/off button is blue.

Integral data/ charging cable will charge Qiub and/ or your smartphone and transfer data between windows based computer and smartphone..

QIUB Integrated Memory card reader will work with your computer and with the memory cards up to 64 GB 

2)How long do I need to charge my QIUB for the first time and subsequent time?

QIUB has to be fully charged when used for the first time. Plug into computer or USB and charge until all 4 lights are on.
Re-charging time depends on remaining power in the QIUB and the power supply. You can plug your QIUB and your mobile phone at the same time. Mobile phone will be charged first and then QIUB. It takes 2-3 hours to fully charge your QIUB depending of the power source. 

3)How fast will QIUB charge my smart phone?

QIUB is a fast charger and typically QIUB will charge the phone with the approximate speed of around 1% per minute (Iphone 6) but this will depend on the phone battery capacity and the battery age 

4)How much of my smart phone battery can QIUB charge?

QIUB will charge up to 50% of battery capacity of Iphone 6 and it will be similar for Android phones with similar battery capacity, but this could vary depending on the phone battery capacity and age.

QIUB was designed to help you get through the day if you run out of your battery in the afternoon and it will give you more capacity than similar size power banks.

5)Unable to turn on my QIUB?

To turn on QIUB press and hold the power button in the centre of your device.  Light will indicate how much of the QIUB is charged.

To charge your phone press and hold the charge button for 1-2  seconds and it will start charging your phone.

6)How to use QUIB as a Memory?

First insert SD (memory) card to the memory card slot at front of the QIUB. Then connect the QIUB to the computer via USB cable. Computer will automatically read the memory card.

Memory card will work with computers only and this function will not work with the mobile phones.

7)How to transfer and sync data between the QIUB and Computer?

Data transfer and Sync between computer using windows operating system and QIUB works when QIUB is simultaneously connected to the phone and computer. To initiate data link press the button on the QIUB for 3-4 seconds and after release wait for 5- 10 seconds before data link between computer and phone is established. QIUB data transfer and sync works only with computers running Windows operating system.

8)How do I claim warranty for my QIUB?

Check our FAQ to identify the problem with the product.

For QIUB, we are offering a 12 months warranty which starts from the date of your purchase. For warranty related queries you may contact the shop where you made your purchase or your country’s distributor.
The warranty shall be deemed void if product is damaged or any form of repair works had been attempted or performed by an unauthorized service centre.

9)General information and battery capacity?

QIUB has a battery capacity of 1500mAH with max output of 5V 1.2A and high quality data/charge cable.

Memory card reader will work with memory cards up to 64 GB.

Dimensions are 67mm*53.5mm*15.5mm and weight less than 60g. 

10)I need more help!

Please contact our customer service department or certified dealer in your country for further help